Ferdinand (PG)

Starting Friday, February 2nd!

Friday, February 2nd – 7pm

Saturday, February 3rd – 4pm & 7pm

Sunday, February 4th – 4pm ONLY

Closed Monday, February 5th

Closed Tuesday, February 6th

Wednesday, February 7th – 7pm

Thursday, February 8th – 7pm



Starting Friday, January 26th !

Friday, January 26th – 7pm

Saturday, January 27th – 7pm

Sunday, January 28th – 4pm & 7pm

CLOSED Monday, January 29th

CLOSED Tuesday, January, 30th

Wednesday, January 31st – 7pm

Thursday, February 1st – 7pm



(PG) 1hr 35min

Friday, December 8th – 7pm

Saturday, December 9th – 7pm

Sunday, December 10th – 7pm

Closed Monday, December 11th

Closed Tuesday, December 12th

Wednesday, December 13th – 7pm


Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Closed Monday, January 1st

Closed Tuesday, January 2nd

Wednesday, January 3rd – 7pm

Thursday, January 4th – 7pm

Friday, January 5th – 7pm

Saturday, January 6th – 7pm

Sunday, January 7th – 7pm

Closed Monday, January 8th

Closed Tuesday, January 9th

Wednesday, January 10th

Thursday, January 11th – 7pm







Blade Runner 2049

Starts Friday, October 6th!

Blade Runner (R) 2 hrs 45 min (ID required)

Anyone under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Thursday, October 12th – 7pm

Friday, October 13th – 7pm

Saturday, October 14th – 7pm

Sunday, October 15th – 7pm

Closed Monday, October 16th

Closed Tuesday, October 17th

Wednesday, October 18th – 7pm


Logan Lucky

Starting Friday, September 15th!

Logan Lucky (PG-13) 2 hrs

Friday, September 15th – 7pm

Saturday, September 16th – 7pm

Sunday, September 17th – 7pm

Closed Monday, September 18th

Tuesday, September 19th – 7pm

Wednesday, September 20th – 7pm